Problems with your PC? Tellyfix can help

 Common problems are:

  •     Your PC not starting – totally dead (no lights whatsoever).
  •     Starts to load Windows but seems to hang forever.
  •     Runs extremely slowly.
  •     Crashes intermittently.
  •     Reports of missing files.
  •     Virus or Trojan infection.
  •     Network/Internet connection problems.
  •     Computer seems to start but no picture on your screen.
  •     Keyboard or Mouse not responding.
  •     Printer/scanner not working.
  •     Blue screen then shuts down with illegible messages (BSOD)
  •     Black screen with just a mouse pointer (KSOD)
  •     Plus a myriad of other things…..

We can help with all of the above, we deal with these problems on a daily basis.

Try giving us a quick call (or email if you can!) and we may be able to help you rectify the problem without any cost whatsoever!!

In the unlucky event that this won’t cure your problem then just bring in the offending equipment in to our workshop.

We will examine and diagnose any faults, then we will contact you with an estimate for parts and labour and await your instructions. We won’t do any work without your say-so.

Along with repair services, we also offer upgrades and update options.

Contact us today – whatever the reason we can help you!